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Hi, I'm new & just wanted to share the goodness of my little bug, Odin.


88 lines about 44 presidents

Well, not really. But here's an Inauguration Day LOLdoxie for you!

source unknown, caption by me

my first solo effort...

Well, solo if you don't count roflbot as a separate entity.


In Honor of Christmas...


Picture: an ad from Wal-Mart that a coworker left on my desk with "Scooter's girlfriend" scribbled at the bottom

Caption: written by me, captioned by lagizma

more IHAH loldoxies

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heer r sum moarCollapse )

I can't do original stuff right now... my free Flickr account has hit its limit. So no uploading photos, or saving ROFLbot creations. I'm not doing anything about it right now, because a little reindeer told me that I might be getting a Flickr Pro account for the holidays... ::crosses fingers::

How redonk can you get??

Remember this little guy?

Well, the original photo proved to be a joy to many a LOLmaker. Such as this one from IHAH:

#1 cute-puppy-pictures-with-captions-make-me-hotdog
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And all of these others ones...Collapse )

So.... You may have noticed little numbers by the photos. This is so you can vote on your favorite! Make a comment with your vote! It'll be fun!